Friday, June 29, 2012


sometimes. when you said "want to hang out with my friends" i said "ok"
sometimes. when you said " want to sleep" i said "ok"
sometimes. when you said "sorry. i am sleeping just now" i said "its ok"
sometimes. when you said " tomorrow still have. we'll chat tomorrow" i said again "ok"


sometimes. you hang out and back till morning. i'm worried and yet i still think positive
sometimes. you said you are sleepy but. damn. i miss you so much.
sometimes. you said you are sleeping. and damn again. i am waiting for you.
sometimes. when you said tomorrow, then there's the day but yet. you still can't. and damn again. i am
missing you badly.


i know you are alright.
i know you need a sleep
i know you need a rest


i still know the truth. i know what is the right thing. even i cry badly. tears just can't be stop. even i put away the thing that i always hug every night. just because you make me cry. even it was like that. i still know the truth. that you love me so much. and the weirdest thing is. i don't know. for me its weird. when i cry. i feel like i want to "merajuk" longer. but then i can't. the only way that the tears can stop is. i take it back.i take back the small teddy bear and hug it. and my tears stop. and that's how i know. i know that your heart is always in my heart. like. i mean.
thank you for being you
and its ok for being you
i'm sorry for being like this.
maybe sometimes its a bit hard for me
but yet. i need to understand you and not blaming you.
i'm sorry for being "gedik2" and "mengade ngade"

just want to mention it again.

being JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is the BEST for me. and yes. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

p/s : this little teddy bear help me a lot. hehehe. 

day by day. loving you more and more. =)